How to get a guy to ask you out

You are probably wondering how to get a guy to like you or to ask you out. This is a very common problem that women face; normally it is a guy that asks the female out, but some guys are too shy to do this. Now if there a guy you like, but you are not the type of woman which chooses asking guys out, then read this article and I can tell you how to get him to ask you out.

The technique is, you have to realize, if he does like you and he is not asking you out, the main reason is due to the fact he is frightened of rejection. That is the only reason. So all you have to do is give him indicators so he feels like he won’t be rejected. The beauty of giving him hints is it is a good substitute for you asking him out, you are still being traditional and you never will get rejected due to the fact you never actually asked him out.

I understand a lot of assistance is given and a lot of it is goofy in my mind, stuff that you may see on a romantic comedy, like the lady bumping into the guy. Trust me; from a guy’s prospective if you bump into him, he is simply going to think you are clumsy.

First off, go out of your way to speak to him, this will help give him some indicators that you are interested.

Following, make great eye contact, and smile a lot.

Get physical, if he had a difficult day at work; try to find a reason to offer him a massage. You get the idea, get touchy feely.

Start off flirting, be giggly, and so forth.

Another way to make it quite easy for him is discuss some romantic restaurant you always wished to go to or some film you desired to see.

You could also go a different course stating something like “Wow it is really hot out right now; I’d love to go to the beach today. If he still doesn’t bite on this, there are a couple options – he truly has no guts, he is not interested, or he is clueless.

At this point you are left with only one option, ask him out.

Bear in mind, if it does not work out, there are quite a few men out there. It may appear like a bummer, but in the scope of things it was simply a minor bump in the road.

There you have it, trying these tips will be sure to help you get the to ask you out; I hope I answered your questions about how to get a guy to like you and how to get a guy to ask you out.

Now get out there and get a man; you have no excuses – don’t let your fear get in your way. Get up in the morning, put on your best clothes, your best make up, and do you hair like you are a super model. Then say – I look good! Walk out that door with your head up and ready to get some looks. Good Luck and check out the new His Secret Obsession Review Phrases Book by James Bauer of an interesting attraction tool!

Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat

A healthy lifestyle is what everyone desires. In order to achieve a healthy body, you must be able to choose carefully the type of food you consume. In many cases, people will only care about filling their stomach and not considering the health benefit the food. Having a belly fat is one of the signs of poor health. This can be as a result of bad diet, lack of exercise or accumulation of calories in the body. If you have developed a belly fat and have been looking for the best and quickest way to reverse the process, then here are some tips on how to slim up a belly fat.

How to lose a belly fat?

Exercise; the number thing you should do every time you notice a weight gain is to exercise. Even if you are a busy person who can’t find time to attend a gym, you can still perform some simple exercises at the comfort of your home or office. By exercising, your body will burn the excess fat and convert it into useful material. Also, continuous training or exercise keeps your body active thus leaves no room for fat accumulation.

Avoid fatty food; since belly fat is caused by calories, you should limit your calories consumption. Make sure that the foods and drinks you consume daily contain little or no calories. You should also do away with junk food.

Drink plenty of water; it is highly recommended that you take plenty of water every day. This is very important for your body to dissolve excess fat and sugar substances. Also, drink a glass of water before every meal; this is to make sure that you don’t eat too much.

Avoid stress; as we all know, stress do many things to people. There are people who eat when they are stressed while others sleep. In order not to over sleep or eat too much, you should avoid stress at all cost.

Adjust your diet; the most important thing to do if you are planning to lose a belly fat is to strictly watch your diet. There are some types of foods and drinks you will have to eliminate from your regular diet, these include; sugar drinks, white grains and white rice.

Consume foods that contain fiber; in your diet, include foods that contain high level of fiber. This will aid in reducing the insulin level hence speeding up the fat-barking process.

By taking the above points into consideration, you will have the best experience in dealing with a belly fat.