Who We Are

Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism (HWRS) is an organization composed primarily of former members of the now-defunct Workers’ Voice organization.

We believe that in order to save humanity from the economic chaos, social injustice, and environmental destruction caused by global capitalism, it is necessary to abolish the capitalist system altogether and replace it with a humane, democratically-run planned socialist economy.

We also believe that in order to accomplish this task, it will be necessary for a critical mass of people, internationally, not only to adopt the principles, methods, and program of socialist revolution, but also to transform ourselves. This transformation requires that we transcend the alienated, egocentric personality characteristic of capitalism, and embrace a spirit of community, cooperation, and mature insight.

Finally, and most important, we believe that no program for socialist revolution can be developed or implemented without a clear understanding of the dialectic method.

From July 2009 until early March 2010, HWRS was affiliated with the International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (IFLT or FLTI). In March 2010, HWRS, together with the Communist Workers Group of New Zealand (CWG-NZ) split with the IFLT and formed a liaison committee. The letter announcing and explaining the split is available here. See IFLT Documents Index for a list of documents leading up to the split, as well as other IFLT documents available on our website.

Effective September 12, 2009, to better reflect the class character of our method and program, we changed our formal name to Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism. Our website’s domain name will remain the same, however, and we continue to use our former name, Humanists for Revolutionary Socialism (HRS), as an informal alternative.

What’s New

December 21, 2013: Our website has been updated! We have added the following articles to our Current Articles section:

The article Alienation, Climate Change, and the Future of Humanity will serve as the springboard for discussion at our upcoming public forum at the Main Library in Oakland, California on February 2, 2014, 1:00PM to 4:00PM.

Click here for a complete historical log of additions and changes to our website.

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Contact Us!

We can be reached by email at humanistworkers@ymail.com (click here). If you are interested in talking with us, please send us an email and we will respond promptly! Or, click here to connect with us on Facebook!

Regarding our email address: There was a split in our organization in mid-2012. (See On the Split in HWRS for more information.) Due to the split, we changed our email address to humanistworkers@ymail.com. Our former addresses, hw4rs@yahoo.com and hwfourrs@gmail.com, are no longer valid. If you receive email from either of those addresses, it does not originate from HWRS.