Capitalist Restoration in the

Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

From InTroCor (International Trotskyist Correspondence)
Published by the Liaison Committee of Communists (International)
Special Issue, May 1993

Introductory Note: This document was written by Workers’ Voice (under an earlier name, the Revolutionary Trotskyist League (RTL)), while Workers’ Voice was affiliated with the LCC(I). It was originally published as a draft in a special edition of the LCC(I)'s journal, InTroCor. The special edition was produced in May 1993 for distribution at an international gathering sponsored by the French organization Lutte Ouvrière (the LO Fête). The LCC(I) subsequently adopted the document’s general line.

We have republished this document on our website because it represents a prime example of the application of our dialectical method to the complex series of historical events that brought about the restoration of capitalism in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

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