Yoga for Weight Loss – How Does It Work?

Most modern diets call for a healthy lifestyle rather than focusing exclusively on the food that you eat, with physical activity and mental well being becoming recognized as equally important factors.

While yoga is not a physically intensive workout which is normally associated with the exercise required to lose weight, using Yoga for weight loss is fast becoming an accepted alternative. We look below at just how the regular practice of Yoga can help to shed the pounds.

Go with the flow

Yoga may not be as energetic as most traditional forms of exercise but it still offers an activity which will raise your pulse for more than an hour. The stretching and movement involved with Yoga will help to increase your rate of blood flow which helps supply oxygen to the muscles around your body.

As well as raising your heart rate, Yoga also helps to increase your blood circulation through the deep-breathing and relaxation techniques involved in the practice. This cardiovascular benefit will not only burn some calories, it also helps to strengthen your bones, muscles and can even provide a more healthy and radiant appearance to your skin.

Less stress

Healthy mind, healthy body. Yoga is a great way to reduce your stress levels and attune your body by relaxing you and decreasing your blood pressure. Many of the different poses involved in Yoga will also help to reduce the amount of tension in your muscles and this too will greatly help you feel refreshed and renewed after a short session.

The meditative qualities of Yoga also allow you to spend time focusing on your health and your mind as a part of your daily routine. By concentrating on your posture and breathing, you will find that your thoughts turn away from any other worries and allow you more space to think clearly.

Added strength

While the physical side of Yoga will raise your general fitness levels to some degree, it is the mental strength which can have a greater impact in aiding weight loss. Many people find that through practicing Yoga they become more focused and more directed in their life in general.

A Yoga session can help you become more mindful and self-aware and this, in turn, can help you make more informed and stronger choices about how you live your life. With Yoga being a practice that combines physical and spiritual aspects together, finding a good teacher is essential to showing you how to take full advantage of the practice as well as achieve the correct body positions.

Which Yoga is best for you?

With different forms of Yoga from the calming Hatha and Yin Yoga styles through to the more physical Bikram and Hot Yoga classes, there are different levels of intensity available to choose between. However, to fully take advantage of these benefits you will need to practice one of the more physically involving disciplines of Yoga.

To best reap the rewards on offer from Yoga, it’s advisable to try a variety of different styles at first to see which you enjoy and which you find to be most worthwhile. You can then combine different forms into your own personal fitness plan to achieve a balanced and effective program which can play a vital role in aiding fitness and weight loss.